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The activities of AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH primarily include systems engineering work for complete system solutions and products in the field of conventional and innovative aerospace propulsion.

The focus of work is the development, manufacturing and qualification of demonstrators, prototypes and products for customised propulsion solutions.

To date, the AI team has developed, tested and successfully marketed more than 50 propulsion systems for various terrestrial and aerospace applications.

The performance spectrum of the propulsion systems implemented includes thrust levels from 0.001 N to 5,000 N or total impulses of up to 25,000 Ns.

Furthermore, feasibility studies and development activities for innovative aerospace technologies and systems, as well as system and cost analyses (e.g. cost modeling for space transportation systems and space missions) and numerical simulations (e.g. FEM and CFD modeling) of complex dynamic processes are carried out.

Aerospace Propulsion Systems Engineering Services Modeling of Space Systems System- & Trend Analyses
IonJet - Electrostatic Propulsion Systems Quality Assurance
(acc. to ECSS / ISO)
Spacecraft Modeling & Design Market Analyses
AquaJet / MicroJet - Resistojet- & Cold Gas Propulsion Systems Modeling, CAD, Manufacturing, Integration & S/W Modeling & Design of Ground Segment Equipment Strategic Analyses
iDomos - Solid- & Hybrid Propulsion Systems Atmospheric & Vacuum Testing, Thrust Measurement Trajectory Calculation & Optimisation AI-TransCost
Cost Analyses
AquaJet - Hot-Water
High-Thrust Propulsion Systems
Environmental Testing,
Helium Leak Detection
Performance & Cost Modeling Project Planning and Management
Products and Engineering Services of AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH

Through the local space network RIBB (Raumfahrtinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg), AI: Aerospace Innovation GmbH has access to production, qualification and testing capacities that meet the highest international standards, such as certified facilities for vibration, shock, thermal vacuum and and radiation tests.


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